Work with Us

We are certainly in dire need of new talents! We are embarking on what we hope to be a very important part of our evolution as a business.

We’ve suffered a big loss of income in the recent months with the introduction of the Victoria city compost program. As a result, just to note, we do not have any cyclist positions open at this time.

However we are in the process of transitioning into refocusing on our SPIN farming project, in an effort to redirect our business toward more sustainable avenues of income.

We have been soliciting volunteers with small scale farming and SPIN experience to help us in the challenging time to come.

Anyone who wishes to help us solicit customers on a pro bono basis with the intention of somewhere down the line growing our business with us to a point that we can reliably employ like-minded individuals in more direct and mutually profitable fashion is welcome to contact us.

You can send us a polished, sterile resume if you want to, but a personal letter stating who you are and why you’d like to come work for us usually goes a lot further.