Our SPIN Farming Project

Let us turn your backyard into a productive urban farm!


More about SPIN:

SPIN farming is a system developed by a Canadian couple in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It uses a network of back yards, city land, and boulevards to produce food in the same city it is consumed.

The SPIN model is great for start-up farmers, since it requires minimal investment in equipment and machinery, and utilizes land that does not need to be purchased to be used.

Pedal Powered Production

Unlike most SPIN farmers, we run a completely bicycle-powered food production unit. As far as we can tell, this has only been successfully done by one other SPIN farmer, Curtis Stone of Green City Acres in Kelowna, whose bicycled-powered ethos was actually inspired by Pedal to Petal!

Green City Acres in Kelowna, run by Curtis Stone.

Low Labour Crops

Since we already operate a very labour intensive compost pickup service, we focus on low-water, low-maintenance crops like herbs and garlic. This means far fewer visits by us, and far less water use than most SPIN farms.

Most SPIN farmers try to grow 3 or more crops in a bed over a season, one after the other. We are more interested in a single, higher value crop and perennials that require far less maintenance.


Many yard owners are happy to have SPIN farmers come and put their land into production without asking for compensation of any kind, especially landlords managing multiple properties.

We do like to offer a portion of your yard’s production in compensation for the use of your land, or we can settle on a small per-season rental fee to compensate for our water use.

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